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Most businesses assume that if they get themselves a web site, they will then automatically receive more business. However, being as there are literally billions of web sites out there, in order for one in particular to receive business, it needs to be visible. A new web site must be announced to the world, made visible, in order for it to be profitable.

Once your web site has been made more visible on the search engines, you want certain items to be highlighted, and just like any retail store, customer/business contact must be made. Making your web site both visible and profitable is what Internet Marketing and search engine optimization is all about. To make your web site visible, you must optimize your web pages, submit them to search engines and directories and develop your link popularity. In order to make your web site profitable, you must put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Find out what they want in a web site and give it to them. A visitor’s experience must be a positive and valuable one. So, what is search engine optimization exactly? Search Engine Optimization is, very simply, strategic keyword placement throughout all areas of your web site to drive targeted customers on the web looking for your services who wish to do business with you, or whoever pops up in their keyword search..

Communication with search engines, for example Google.

A search engine is a web site who’s primary function is providing a protocol for gathering and reporting information available on the Internet or a portion of the Internet. Computer robot programs referred to sometimes as spiders or crawlers, are used by search engines to roam the World Wide Web via the Internet, visit sites and databases and keep the search engine database of web pages up to date. They obtain new pages, update known pages, and delete obsolete ones. Their findings are then integrated into its own database.

Search Engine Optimization, ( SEO Service )

In short, search engine optimization is the process of taking all of the different guidelines from all of the different search engines and making them work together in your web site. This makes the search engines value your web site as a good resource to have in their databases, makes them list you higher in search results, and thus, sends more visitors to your web site. The reasons for optimizing your web site are simple. It brings more people to your web site, makes your products or services more visible to the world, and creates more business for you.

Link Popularity

Link popularity is the number of web sites outside of yours that have links that point back to yours. These links must be on relevant pages - that is pages that have as much to do with the common theme of your web site as possible, and that are not just pages full of links. Pages that are full of links are commonly referred to as “link farms” and are very much useless as there is no real organization to them not to mentione that these are the leading cause on the web NOW to getting your website "Black Listed"!

The search engine looks at the number of incoming links your web site has in order to tell how popular it is. This type of popularity generally implies that a web site is a valued one and the search engine’s database would not be complete without it. This is the only thing that some of the major search engines look at to figure out where and how high up in the rankings to list your site. A good example of a search engine that looks at link popularity is Google, and MSN , Aol , these just happen to be 3 of the most used and popular search engines in the world.

Search engines are constantly changing the criteria they require to list web sites well. Just like any other business’ web site, search engines are striving to provide a valuable service to web users so they can generate revenue. A great way to make their engine a valuable resource for finding relevant web sites is by constantly refining the requirements it poses on web sites potentially listed in its database. This way it can give its users the most relevant sites first and can count on those visitors coming back the next time they need to perform a web search. Because the criteria search engines require from well listed web sites changes constantly, submission software becomes obsolete almost as soon as it hits the shelves. These software packages submit your web site to search engines that are not’t even around anymore. Probably the most important thing for marketing your web site in the future, and now on the search engines we can stress is link popularity and a quality search engine submission sevice like avermonter enterprises. You are going to have to trust somebody to do this for your website, why not trust avermonter?

Look a some references from my satisfied clients and customers.

There has been much debate as to whether or not paid listings are a cost-effective way to promote your web site. Many people who have spent the $300 for getting on Yahoo, have found they get more traffic coming from free search engines such as Google or AltaVista or Aol.

Web sites should also be professional looking. Any photos should be clean, not grainy; the pages should be well ordered and create a flow like a book; and it should be full of valuable information that is delivered in a concise, to-the-point manner. This is extremely important due to the fact that there are so many dishonest businesses on the web. Visitors need to feel comfortable on your web site, they need to feel that it represents a professional business so that they can feel confident in their decision to do business with you.

Domain names should be easy to remember and full of keywords. aVermonter Enterprises has over 2oo domain names that they let their clients use, Free of charge just to show them when how everything is set up right with on their website, how profitable it can be.

Search Engine Optimization Packages

Please keep in mind that we will customize any search engine optimization package to meet your needs.

Search Engine Optimization Package 1
Search Engine Submission 200 search engines and directories. Includes code optimization for your main page.This package is $300 and is included in SEO Package 2, 3 and 4.
*Real Estate companies are a much more involved and cost $499.
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Search Engine Optimization Package 2
Includes code optimization of up to 5 web pages, search engine submissions of one URL, one hour of link popularity development, with a link back to
This package is $450.
*Real Estate companies are a much more involved and cost $699.
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Search Engine Optimization Package 3
Includes everything package 2 offers, plus one more hour of link development, and creating a link exchange program so that you can continue to develop your web site's link popularity without doing any work. Selected listings and links on avermonter websites that are listed in the directories and Ranked Well on the search engines.
Link back to
This package is $650.
*Real Estate companies are a much more involved and cost $899.
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Search Engine Optimization Package 4
This search engine optimization package is a complete marketing program. It includes everything offered in the above packages plus the bringing together of your web pages, addition of targeted keywords to the text content of the pages, and more to ensure the best possible keyword rankings and placements for your website.

*This ensures not only that you get more traffic, but that it is targeted traffic that comes to your sie.

This is by far the most effective package we offer, listings and links on avermonter websites that are already listed in the directories and Ranked High and in the top positions on the search engines. This Deluxe Package includes listings on All of these well established websites listed below with a link back to and three of the quality and well established Search Engine Friendly websites avermonter enterprises owns and operates,
This package is $950.00
*Real Estate companies are a much more involved and cost $1199.
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avermonter owns and operates

These are All major portals for our customers in the hospitality industry looking for you and your web page on the world wide web.

* If you are interested in this increased exposure for your web page and this aspect of our promotional business and wish to know more about the
Discounted price for listing on All web sites, ABOVE contact avermonter enterprises.

* List of some of my clients I have worked with for web page submissions.

*Other town sites avermonter enterprises owns and operates :

On-going Link Development Services - We offer our link popularity development as a stand-alone or on-going management service. We can set up a monthly package that will fit your budget and also be effective in achieving high search engine placement. This service is $50 per hour.

Some of the most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, AltaVista, Lycos, Netscape, Looksmart, HotBot, AllTheWeb, About, AskJeeves and InfoSeek and Wisenut.

Search engine optimization has two main components: Strategic Keyword Placement SEO begins with choosing the right keywords and promoting them properly throughout the web site. A web site won't get a good search engine ranking unless it has site-related keywords placed in areas such as the meta tags, image alternate text, web page title, domain name, visible page content, among many others. There are many other guidelines that must be followed.

Link Popularity The second major method of search engine optimization is link popularity development. Link popularity refers to the amount of other quality web sites that have links pointing back to yours. The more quality links there are, the better search engine ranking your site will achieve. This is an extremely important aspect of any search engine optimization campaign and can have dramatic results immediately after completion.

aVermonter Enterprises specializes in everything search engine related. Getting your site to rank well for targeted keyword phrases drives qualified traffic to your website which translates to better returns on your investment. To learn more, view the links within this section below:

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Submit your URL to Search Engines and Quality Links!

Some of the most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, AltaVista, Lycos, Netscape, Looksmart, HotBot, AllTheWeb, About, AskJeeves and InfoSeek and Wisenut.

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