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Search Engine Rankings

85% of all people use Keywords- Don't you?

Search Engine Optimization
You have a great web site, but no one knows it even exists?

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Search engine optimization is the act of making ones website content more search engine friendly to make it rank higher with "Keyword Phrases".

You have come to the right place. Avermonter enterprises is a leading resource for search engine submissions, optimization, keyword reports and registration services.

We know how search engines find and rank your web pages, and we put an emphasis on what your webmasters can do to improve your search engine rankings by properly having their site submitted to the search engines correctly, by using better page design, HTML meta tags, and other tips that we offer in our submission services.

We are a leading website promotion company that is up-to-date with how search engines work and the best services to offer our customers. We offer search engine optimization and site promotion tips and resources useful for better placement for quality positioning in all the major leading search engines.

85% of visitors to Web Sites use keywords to find what they are looking for on the web. Search engine optimization is important for you and your website to succeed. Your web site must be properly optimized *correctly* for the major search engines. To achieve the best possible results you need a professional "Search Engine Specialist" like avermonter enterprises who researches the latest trends, do and don'ts of the ever-changing information that each major search engine requires.

Submitting your website to all Major Search Engines is the most effective way of promoting your website on the Internet. In order to maintain a Search Engine ranking in the top (1-10) position for any targeted 'keywords' it is essential to regularly optimize and resubmit your website to all the search engines. avermonter enterprises will help you to achieve TOP positions in the major engines and to direct more traffic to your website.

There are many important rules that must be followed for Top Positions on the search engines. Link Popularity is a important must have for many Top Placement on the search engine. Link popularity refers to the amount of other quality "related" web sites that have links of good content coming back to your website. The more "quality links" there are, the better search engine rankings your own website will achieve, like *( This is major part of any search engine optimization package and will increase your presence on the web immediately.

Communication with search engines, for example Google.

Search Engine Optimization, ( SEO Service )

In short, search engine optimization is the process of making yur web site "correct" for the different search engines for good keyword rankings. Search engine optimization makes the search engines value your web site as a good resource and benifit to have in their own databases, it makes them RANK you higher in their search results, and because of this, sends more " Targeted "visitors to your web site. The reasons for optimizing your own web site is simple. It brings more people to your web site, and creates more business for you.

Link Popularity

Link popularity is the number of web sites outside of yours that have links that point back to yours. These links must be on quality relevant web pages and not just pages full of links. Pages that are full of links are referred to as “link farms” and more likely to getting your website "Black Listed" on the Search Engines then doing any good.!

The search engine looks at the number of "Quality" incoming links your own web site. Good Link Popularity of a web site indicates that the particular web site has value. A good example of a search engine that looks at link popularity is Google, and MSN , Aol , these just happen to be 3 of the most used and popular search engines in the world.

Search engines are constantly changing the way they rank web pages. Probably the most important thing for marketing your own web site now, and in the future, on the search engines we can stress is link popularity and a quality search engine submission sevice like avermonter enterprises. You are going to have to trust somebody to do this for your website, why not trust avermonter?

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On-going Link Development Services - We offer our link popularity development as a stand-alone or on-going management service. We can set up a monthly package that will fit your budget and also be effective in achieving high search engine placement. This service is $50 per hour

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aVermonter Enterprises specializes in everything search engine related. Getting your site to rank well for targeted keyword phrases drives qualified traffic to your website which translates to better returns on your investment. To learn more, view the links within this section below:

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Some of the most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, AltaVista, Lycos, Netscape, Looksmart, HotBot, AllTheWeb, About, AskJeeves and InfoSeek and Wisenut.

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